Christus Victor

Making Christ Known

We are an Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA) congregation growing in the likeness of Christ by:

Worshiping, praying, and studying God’s word;
Being together with other people; and
Acting in faith through words and deeds both inside and outside our church walls.

A Duckling Emergency! Call 911!

So, when I woke up this morning, I thought today would be much calmer than yesterday.  After all, yesterday I hatched 16 baby ducklings.  16!  Whew!

That's a lot of ducklings.  We've been making ourselves at home and exploring the Center Courtyard at Christus Victor.  They have this great pool for us, and though it took a while, I finally got my little ones to get into it and splash around.  

Everything was going pretty well today.  I was very tired.  Running after 16 babies who have just become mobile is tough.  I counted 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 … 13, 14, 15.  Again.  13, 14, 15.  Now where could 16 have possibly gotten to?

Then suddenly I heard it - the plaintive cry of my little one, and it was coming from a deep hole.  He had fallen down the drain pipe!  

Oh no!  Duckling emergency!  Call 911!  Oh, my!  Oh, dear!  My poor little duckling!

Thankfully, one of the humans also heard my little one's cry.  It took a while for her to figure out where the cry was coming from, but finally she did.  You could look down the drain pipe and see the sweet little face of my 1-day-old duckling offspring peering up from below.

People were called, people were texted.  At first, only a few people were in the courtyard with me and my little ones, milling about and trying things.  I'm wary of that and had to keep the other ones away from them, but still that 16th duckling cried and cried.  

Eventually, 911 was called.  More people arrived, this time in uniform.  2, 3, 4, 5 men in uniform.  They had objects, and they were crawling around on the ground.  There was so much activity that I had to take all my other little ones to the opposite side and hide them (tuck them beneath me).

After what seemed like forever, the fine men in blue from Elk Grove Village saved my little duckling!  Yes!  He was saved!  Praise God!  And we are all reunited once again, safe and sound.

Duck Saved.jpg

It was a very eventful day with way too many terrifying moments, but everything turned out well in the end.  I, as well as everyone at Christus Victor, are very grateful that the fine police officers of Elk Grove Village consider anyone or anything in trouble to be an important priority, even a tiny little duck who "fell down the well.".  Thank you so much for all your time and effort.