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Making Christ Known

We are an Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA) congregation growing in the likeness of Christ by:

Worshiping, praying, and studying God’s word;
Being together with other people; and
Acting in faith through words and deeds both inside and outside our church walls.

Packages 4 Patriots packs boxes to be sent to our troops overseas every 3rd Tuesday of the month.  Packings take place at Lutheran Church of the Holy Spirit, 150 Lions Drive, Elk Grove Village, IL  60007Phone: 847-437-5897.  Volunteers are always welcomed.  If you wish to make donations, the collections box for P4P is located on the left side of the collections table, which is just across from the fellowship tables in Hebrews' Cafe. 

P4P - October Packing Report

Thank you to all the generous volunteers for a wonderful packing of 29 boxes in October, totaling 450 pounds of comfort items for our troops.  In spite of both the Cubs and Hawks playing, 20 folks turned out to help get boxes packed! 

We received some wonderful notes from Lutheran Church of the Holy Spirit Sunday School children to put into our November boxes (our Operation World Christmas packing).  Thank you to our Sunday school youth.  In addition, Thrivent Financial is supporting Packages4Patriots by using an Action Team to purchase gifts for our military.  

As always, we are still in need of some items.  We have lots of candy canes and Christmas candy. We deeply NEED the following:  Men's deodorant, baby wipes, gum, protein bars, individual powdered drink mix packets, coffee, and hot chocolate.

Our OPERATION WORLD CHRISTMAS packing took place on November 15.  Look for an update on this event in the next Communicator.  And thank all of you for "helping us to help our troops"!

P4P - September Packing Report

Packages 4 Patriots thanks the generous volunteers that came out to make the September 20 packing happen.  Twenty folks came out and packed 25 boxes, weighing a total of 341 pounds.

In September, Christus Victor contributed 6 bags of snacks, toiletries, and a dozen magazines to Packages 4 Patriots. 

P4P also secured Thrivent Action Teams for items to ship for Operation World Christmas, coming in November.  This year, Thrivent will be supporting Packages 4 Patriots with $500 in gift cards.

Some of the organizers of P4P have personally purchased Boy Scout popcorn to ship to our troops and highly recommend that others do the same if they have the opportunity.  Bring it in and P4P will ship to our military.  That way, you can support two wonderful organizations with one purchase.

A date to mark on your calendars:  OPERATION WORLD CHRISTMAS IS ON NOVEMBER 15! 

Thank all of you for "helping us to help our troops!”

P4P - July Packing Report

On July 19, for the “Operation Christmas in July” packing, over 30 volunteers came out to send our military some unexpected joy.  P4P shipped 34 boxes, weighing 589 pounds in total.  They were able to include Christmas wrapped razors, boxed treats, and toiletry kits.  Packages 4 Patriots received charming metal boxes from United Airlines retirees through Frank & Jane Whitecotton. These boxes were originally used as amenities kits for 1st Class travelers flying on United.  The boxes were initially given to WINGS, but WINGS did not have a use for the boxes and passed them on to P4P.   These kits have now been repurposed into treat and toiletry kits for our soldiers. 

Packages 4 Patriots sends heartfelt thanks Venture Crew 293 and Frank & Jane Whitecotton, along with the Trinity United Methodist Youth Group from Mt. Prospect. Venture Crew 293 is a scouting group from Elk Grove Village.  Venture Crew 293 came out one evening the week before "Operation Christmas in July" and wrapped razors as well as the metal tin boxes. They helped make those boxes really festive.  Just imagine the smiles when those packages make it to our ships and bases.

P4P received a huge collection of items and postage funds from West Suburban Patriots of Wheaton.  West Suburban Patriots knocked it out of the park!  They brought so many items that were deeply needed – everything from soup to nuts, including Lil’ Debbie and Hostess treats, deodorant, shampoo, toothpaste, floss, sunflower seeds, popcorn, cliff bars, licorice, jerky, and so much more!  P4P appreciates the folks from West Suburban Patriots that helped P4P to help our military.


P4P - June Packing Report


The Packages 4 Patriots 6th Anniversary packing (June packing) was great fun, possibly because they had cake after the work was done.  P4P shipped 28 boxes in June, 13 of which were large boxes, weighing an average of 40 pounds. The total weight shipped was 796 pounds, costing $916 to ship.

The July 19 packing was "Operation Christmas in July!”  P4P gift wrapped some of their items in Christmas paper to give the soldiers an extra special shipment.  Packages 4 Patriots received charming metal boxes from United Airlines retirees through Frank & Jane Whitecotton. These boxes were used for 1st-Class travelers as amenities kits. P4P repurposed these as kits for the soldiers. They gift wrapped the tins for Christmas in July and saved some for Operation World Christmas.  Packages 4 Patriots also received 60 boxes of Girl Scout cookies from Girl Scout Troops 40742 and 41218 of Arlington Heights, and Salute, Inc. 

At the June packing, it was announced that their beloved Pastor Manwell and his wife Stacey were in a horrific vehicle crash on the Ohio Tollway. Pastor's vehicle was rear ended by a tractor-trailer truck, and Pastor sustained many injuries. Thank you for all of your prayers.  Pastor is back in Illinois, recuperating.  Please continue to keep Pastor Manwell in your prayers.

As always, P4P is very grateful for all the support you give.

P4P - May Packing Report


Packages 4 Patriots received some wonderful donations of items recently.  Dr. Corey Walther, DDS's office did a collection that filled an SUV.  They were down to one package of microwave popcorn, and now they have over 200 packages of popcorn.  There were too many great things to list!  One of Dr. Walther’s patients has a son who was previously deployed, and he told them what to buy.   P4P received baby wipes, deodorant, shampoo, trail mix, beef jerky, Chef Boyardee, coffee, and much more!

P4P received another collection from First Hospitality Group from Rosemont, Il.  Additionally, they came to help at the May packing.  Girl Scout Troop #41105 from Holy Family Academy brought 250 boxes of Girl Scout cookies, along with loads of love expressed in a thank you note on each box!  The P4P May packing also had a group of Elk Grove High students, led by teacher Ioanna Lo Destro, come to help with the packing.  These students helped the Cub Scouts pack their boxes.  The May packing had an outstanding Flag Ceremony by Scouts; Wolf Den of Pack 190.  At least 40 folks came out to help pack 42 boxes for our deployed troops.

The June 21 packing marked Packages 4 Patriots 6th Anniversary!  They have shipped over 73,000 pounds since their inaugural packing in June, 2010.

Thank you to all of the P4P volunteers and supporters.  They couldn't have done any of this without you.


Christus Victor Contributions for May 2016 Packing


On Tuesday, May 17, the following items were delivered to the Packages 4 Patriots May packing event from Christus Victor: 

  • 4 packages of coffee,
  • 2 drink mixes,
  • 2 meals,
  • 6 packets of oatmeal,
  • 2 boxes of snacks,
  • large bag of toiletries,
  • 12 magazines & 3 crossword puzzle books
  • 1 box of stationary from the pick-up table


March 2016 Report


Following is an email from an Australian soldier with whom one of our hometown soldiers shared his Packages 4 Patriots boxes:

Dear Pastor Tim,
I am currently serving on Operation Resolute Support with Lieutenant Caleb Werner (USAF). As you have probably gathered by now, I am not a member of the US Armed Forces; I am a Captain in the Australian Defense Force. He was generous enough to gift me one of the two packages that your church sent him. His and your generosity has been shared around the headquarters where we work, so there are Americans, Australians, Norwegians, Hungarians, Swedes, and others who have shared in your gift. Please know that your Packages 4 Patriots is a wonderful thing that you do.  It provides a touch of home to everyone here, regardless of nationality. Could you please pass on our thanks to your congregation? The enclosed drawings and letter will be going home with me to Melbourne, where it will reside with the other mementos that I have gathered over my years of service in the Army. All the best for the future and thank you again for your generosity.
Andrew MacMillan Captain, Australian Army Operation Resolute Support, Kabul, Afghanistan, 18 March 2016."

It’s so touching that P4P recipients share with their fellow soldiers.

 On Monday, March 14, P4P had 11 Girl Scouts from Troop 40022 come in and pack 11 boxes; the girls brought cookies along with them items they collected money for and purchased. The girls did a super job of packing, and we did have items remaining that we packed the next night for Operation Shamrock.  P4P packed 29 boxes for Operation Shamrock with 22 folks that came out to pack. Packages 4 Patriots sends out a big "Thank You" to the Girl Scouts of Troop # 40022 and the all folks that came out for Operation Shamrock.

 It is getting very hot now in the Middle East, so P4P shipped freeze pops to the soldiers in Kuwait. For the month of March, P4P shipped 67 boxes with a total of 927 pounds. Operation Shamrock was supported with $500 for postage by Thrivent in March and are very grateful for this financial aid.  The next packing date for Packages 4 Patriots is April 19th.

 Wondering how you can help?  P4P is out of drink mixes entirely and in desperate need of these individual mixes for water.  They can also use Chef Boyardee and protein bars.  The Christus Victor collection box for Packages 4 Patriots is located on the left side of the collection table that sits across from the fellowship tables.  You will also find a list of other items they pack to send to our troops.