Christus Victor

Making Christ Known

We are an Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA) congregation growing in the likeness of Christ by:

Worshiping, praying, and studying God’s word;
Being together with other people; and
Acting in faith through words and deeds both inside and outside our church walls.


A 3-year Youth Ministry Experience helping equip students to say YES to God who said Yes to them in their baptism.

for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students

Confirmation Meets Wednesday Evenings:

6:00 - 6:15pm  Concession Stand & Fellowship

6:15 - 7:30pm  Confirmation & Small Groups

Confirmation Objectives:

  • Helping each student know they are accepted and loved by God and others.
  • Acknowledging this as a stepping stone in their faith, affirming their baptism, and then expressing it through discipleship and service.
  • Understanding each Biblically-based theme from Martin Luther’s Small Catechism as it is taught and how it applies to their lives.
  • Growing in faith as all are challenged and molded by God, especially in the opportunities to serve, worship, and participate in our events.
  • Expecting parent involvement in their child’s lives & worshipping as a family on a weekly basis to strengthen the family’s faith.


We follow a 3-year revolving curriculum based on scripture and Martin Luther's Small Catechism:

  • Year 1 –  Lord’s Prayer, 10 Commandments & Martin Luther Retreat
  • Year 2 –  New Testament, Old Testament & “Confirmation, Confession & Call” Retreat
  • Year 3 – Baptism, Communion, Apostles' Creed, and Stewardship Retreat

This ministry is blessed with many caring adults, high school students, pastors, and leadership who work together to guide and care for the middle school students. 


Our Approach:

  • Large Group Teaching Time:  The students learn a main lesson or theme through Scripture, a message, Quiz Bowls, skits, interaction, videos and personal stories. 
  • Small Groups:  With 1-2 high school mentors and 1 adult mentor, everyone discusses the lesson in depth, answers questions, shares their “high” and “low” of the week, prays together and prays for each other.
  • Confirmation Retreats:  Retreats are an integral part of our curriculum for all students..  At camp, the students have a deeper experience where for 24/7 they are connecting, loving, learning, and growing in faith with friends. Everyone walks out of the retreats feeling closer to God, their small groups, and the leaders.
  •  Service projects:  The students participate in a variety of service opportunities through the year.  They choose their own projects (with YD) and serve wherever they are needed- just for the love of it.
  •  Affirmation of Baptism Service:  Students who are in 8th grade are invited to publicly affirm their faith in their baptism during a special worship service held in May.


Faith 4Faith 4 is a great way to bring your family’s faith together.  The first 2 we hope every parent and every student in every home will do every night. The second 2 we hope you will do together throughout the year.

  1. Share highs & lows of the day as a family
  2. Pray together as a family everyday and encourage your kids to lead the family prayer as they feel comfortable
  3. Serve together as a family at least once this year
  4. Worship regularly as a family 


Expectations: Every student in confirmation must...

  • Do one service project on their own & one on-going for the year
  • Do one service project with their family
  • Assist in worship with their small groups during Lent
  • Attend Confirmation on a weekly basis, missing no more than 3 for the year
  • Complete at least 15 sermon notes for the year & attend a different church with group
  • Acolyte at least 5 times a year
  • Go to camp at least once during the 3 years

        Those who go above and beyond will be entered into a raffle for a prize!

All Confirmation events challenge students to put their faith into action.  We seek to build caring relationships, nurture faith, and instill self-worth as a child of God.


To Support the ministry, we ask the families to make a donation of $35 per student every year to help cover the many costs associated with this ministry.  Additional donations to the ministry are gratefully accepted.  No student will be turned away and friends are always welcome.


Parents, Please Confirm:  **I have read the above confirmation information and agree to support CVLC by doing my part as a parent and making sure my child abides by all the requirements of the confirmation program.  I will also make sure I am actively involved in confirmation by abiding by the parent's obligation listed above.