Christus Victor

Making Christ Known

We are an Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA) congregation growing in the likeness of Christ by:

Worshiping, praying, and studying God’s word;
Being together with other people; and
Acting in faith through words and deeds both inside and outside our church walls.

 A Word from Pastor Stefan

August 2017


I am inspired by an excellent TED Talk by a Dominican Monk called Brother Steindl-Rast.  He speaks about gratitude that leads to a happy life.  He says each moment of our life gives us the opportunity to be grateful.  Gratitude leads to happiness and not the other way around.  Brother Steindl-Rast presents to us a simple form to live grateful lives: Stop – look and go!  Stop and notice when you open the faucet and have running water or turn on the light switch and have light.  There are many places in this world that do not have that.  Look around and see that you are surrounded with blessings, such as water, food, light, and friends.  When you realize how blessed you are, go and share your gratitude with others.  A grateful heart wants to share and help others to see the blessings, too.  He explains, “When you are grateful, you are not fearful, and when you are not fearful, you are not violent.  When you are grateful, you act out of a sense of enough and not out of a sense scarcity, and you are willing to share.  A grateful world is a world of joyful people.  Grateful people are joyful.  A grateful world is a happy world.”

When I stop to look around, I see a beautiful new floor in our church.  I am grateful, and my heart is filled with joy when I think about you and your generous giving to our Mission Appeal to make this possible.  It gives our church a new outlook, and it sends a clear message we are serious about welcoming.  The new flooring is stunning, and we have already received many compliments.

I believe that a grateful life leads to a joyful life.  I am stopping more and looking around to become more aware of the people and things that surround me.  And yes, if my heart is filled with gratitude, it motivates me more to keep going to do God’s work in our community and beyond.

I am grateful that we can offer another free outdoor movie night on August 18 at 7:30pm.  We will show the movie Sing.  We are planning to not only invite congregational members of all ages but to also invite new friends from the community to join us.  Please join us and bring a friend.  We will have popcorn and something to drink.

I am grateful that we can “Kick Off” our ministries on Sunday, August 20 with our two worship services, fun kids’ activities, and food (brunch).

I am grateful for your generous giving to our general operating budget to keep our church financially strong so we can keep God’s work going.  If you stop and look around at how many good things are happening in our church, your heart will be filled with gratitude as well.  I am hopeful a grateful heart will encourage you to continue to support our work here at Christus Victor, so we can overcome our $ 34,000 plus deficit from mid-summer.  Thank you for your help in this important matter.

I greet you with a word from 2 Corinthians 9:11 “You will be enriched in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion, and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God. “

In peace,

Pastor Stefan